17 September 2018

Heavy Duty Fabrication

We are most trustful in the industrial market as providing fabrication service. The Heavy Duty fabrication services which we offer by our technical and most experienced experts. Our services are well appreciated by our most expensive vendors owing to its characteristics such as on-time execution and cost-effectiveness.

Our heavy duty fabrication in India work is done on the basis of the purpose definite by the customers to fulfill their basic requirements. We offer two kinds of fabrication to market vendors i.e. Dam fabrication and Barrage Fabrication. Dam fabrication equipments are manufactured as per the size of the dam which required covering the whole dam. And barrage is a normal barrier which is provided across the river to regulate the water surface level and flow pattern.

Features of Heavy Duty Fabrication:
  • Latest technology
  • On time delivery
  • Customized services
  • On Time services
  • Effective execution
  • Customer support
  • Skilled workforce